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The First Step to Having Your Best Race Ever!

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Are you looking to do something different during this crazy time?  Do you want to do something that’s good for you and for others? If so, the virtual 5K to support Butterfly Baskets is just for you!

I am really excited to be a part of something so amazing! My name is Theresa Velasquez and I’m Katie Hill’s sister.   I am a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner and I’ve recently started my own health and wellness coaching business, HealtheLiving.  I have a passion for helping people and I’m so excited to be able to support my sister and this amazing cause. 

According to the CDC there are about 4 million pregnancies in the US each year. Sources vary but somewhere around 900,000 - 1 million of those ends in pregnancy losses each year. Although this tragedy effects many, sadly people often suffer alone during this time. Bringing support and comfort to these women and families who are hurting is something I’m excited to be a part of.

Running this race, for me, is the fun part! I’m here to give you my recommendations of how to make this your best race ever!

Running the Broad Street Run 2018 with my sisters, Left to Right: Anne Kauler, Theresa Velasquez, Katie Hill

First things first, you have to get your mind right! You need to mentally prepare and commit to this race. Often, people who run regularly think it’s no big deal to sign up and run a race. For some, maybe this is true, but it’s far better when you mentally prepare, train and work towards a goal.  So, if you want to have a memorable race, then get excited and focus on WHY you are doing this? Is it for you? To help you get back in a healthier place? To make your best time and to support this AMAZING CAUSE? Whatever your reason, just know what that reason is and make that your focus and motivation for these next few weeks. You have to know why you are running this race because “your why” for doing anything is crucial to your success. And get excited about what you are doing, because it is REALLY exciting! I have now completed many races but there are only a few that stand out and that’s because of WHY I ran. I did those to raise money in support of a specific cause I truly care about. The very first race I ever signed up for was actually a marathon!😳  I trained for about 6 months with an amazing organization called Team in Training who raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Before this race I wouldn’t necessarily have called myself a “runner” but afterwards I definitely earned that title!  It was a difficult race and there were times while running I remember feeling fatigued and wanting to quit.  That’s when I remembered WHY I signed up for this.  I was running to support those suffering from cancer.  The joy and pride I felt crossing that finish line was unlike anything I’d ever experienced!   Now that I run regularly, I realize how crazy it is that I actually ran a marathon and that I had never even ran single race before that! Not a fun run or a 5K, nothing!  I think the only reason I signed up in the first place was because I wasn’t  a runner.  I had no idea of what it was like to run 26.2 miles, it meant nothing to me.  You could have told me we were running 5 or 50 miles; I had no idea.  But with a proper training plan in place,  I completed my first (and probably last 🤪) marathon, and it was such a memorable and impactful experience in my life! The other race that now means THE MOST to me is this one, The Butterfly Basket 5k. This race means so much to me because of all the feelings I have surrounding it. I can’t even begin to explain how unbelievably proud I am of my sister, Katie.  How she has handled every difficult and heartbreaking situation with love, kindness and grace has completely opened my eyes and changed me forever.  I am so proud of her ability to still smile and find joy in life even amidst months of chaos, uncertainty and grief.  She truly is unbelievable and her faith in God only grew stronger and closer during that difficult time.  And now, she has started this beautiful nonprofit to provide comfort and support to others in what is such a lonely time for so many.  I’m so excited to be able to support her foundation in any way I can and this race is such a fun way to do it. I’m running this especially for my sister, Katie, her family and her 2 little angles in Heaven, but also for the many women who have already and who will in the future go through this difficult and painful loss. It’s an amazing thing to channel that reason into running. There is no other motivator like it. It’s what keeps me going when I’m struggling or hurting during a run, or when I don’t feel like training before the race.  I think about the people I love and the pain they went through and I realize this run I’m doing is so easy compared to what they have been through. Mental preparation is crucial to a successful run!

Remember to register HERE! Stay tuned for more race tips!

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