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The Butterfly Spot Ep. 6: Discussing Pregnancy after Loss with Kaitlin Firestone

In this episode of The Butterfly Spot, Kaitlin Firestone tells her story of heartbreak after losing her son at 12 weeks and her daughter at 36 weeks, as well as the difficulty of navigating her current pregnancy. Kaitlin dives into her struggle with mental health, specifically OCD, and dealing with trauma after loss. This is a vulnerable episode and we thank Kaitlin for her openness to share the heavy stuff so others can know that they are not alone.

Before undergoing surgery, Kaitlin received a comfort basket from Butterfly Baskets, which reminded her that she was not alone during this time. Since then, Kaitlin has been a member of the Butterfly Band. She attended the Butterfly Baskets retreat where she could open up about her loss with other women and receive some much-needed self-care through yoga, art therapy, and more. She also discusses how peer support groups and therapy have helped her immensely.

Kaitlin, thank you so much for sharing your story. You can listen to this podcast below or on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

If you would like to share your story on The Butterfly Spot, please contact us at! We hope to upload more frequently soon!

(Quick note: Please excuse the audio issues at the beginning of the episode.)

And lastly, our fourth annual Flutter Run is on October 21st! Join us for the 5k run or 1-mile walk in person at Exton Park on Swedesford Road, Exton, PA. You can register at

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