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Butterfly Baskets was founded in July 2020.  We provide immediate comfort and support to individuals and families in the midst of pregnancy loss or infant loss by partnering with local hospitals and healthcare organizations to provide comfort baskets and packages.  We provide ongoing support to our Butterfly Band community through peer support groups, events and activities. We are based in Exton, Pennsylvania and serve the Greater Philadelphia area from our primary location.  Our secondary chapter has recently opened in Tampa, Florida.

All of our services are provided at no cost to the families we serve.  We depend on the support and generosity of our donors and sponsors to achieve our mission and help those in need know that they are never alone.


Katie Hill, Founder &
Executive Director

How We Got Started

Butterfly Baskets was founded in July 2020 by Katie Hill after two baby losses in a year.  After two healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies to their sons, Katie and her husband Jonathan lost a baby girl to miscarriage at 16 weeks.  It was an unexpected and devastating loss.  Katie and Jon found out they were pregnant again a few months later.  Pregnancy after loss is always challenging and Katie struggled with anxiety and fear.  At 16 weeks, Katie and Jon found out that they were having a baby boy!  They also found out that their baby boy was not developing properly and had a life-limiting diagnosis.  Their son Isaac Thomas was born sleeping in March 2020 due to a cord accident at 32 weeks.  The care and support Katie and her family received after the loss of their son made such a difference in their grief journey. 


In July 2020, Katie was sitting on her deck watching the beautiful butterflies flocking to her butterfly bush, when she felt called to start an organization to help support other women and families in her community going through difficult pregnancies and baby loss.  She knew that the range of support available to women varies significantly and wanted to help others going through this heartbreak.  A few days and many conversations with family and friends later, Butterfly Baskets was formed!


We hope to build a community to help women and their families feel a little less lonely in this challenging journey.

Mary Beth Smart_edited.jpg

Mary Beth Buesching, Secretary

Mary Beth Smart Buesching has been a proud part of the Butterfly Baskets Board since its founding in July 2020. Originally from Malvern, PA, Mary Beth now resides in Clearwater, FL with her husband and three young daughters. As a dedicated member of the board, Mary Beth believes deeply in the mission of Butterfly Baskets and has seen firsthand the impact that its support has had on families in need. With the recent expansion of Butterfly Baskets into Florida, Mary Beth is excited to help grow the organization's reach and grow its support to families in her new community in Florida. Her passion for giving back and her commitment to helping others make her a valuable asset to the Butterfly Baskets team.


Elise Deegan, Treasurer

Elise Deegan serves as a board member and the Treasurer for Butterfly Baskets. With a strong background as a Certified Public Accountant and former tax accountant, Elise brings her financial expertise to the role of Treasurer, ensuring that Butterfly Baskets is able to operate efficiently and effectively.  In addition to her work with Butterfly Baskets, Elise is also an active volunteer in her community, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact.

Professional Photo.jpg

Maggie Deviney

Maggie Deviney is a dedicated board member for Butterfly Baskets. She provides valuable strategic planning and direction to the organization, as well as actively participating in events and initiatives. Maggie's commitment to the cause is evident not only through her involvement with Butterfly Baskets but also through her annual assembly event with the women in her family. In addition to her work with Butterfly Baskets, Maggie is a Recruiting Leader at Cigna. Her passion for helping others and her extensive experience make her a key contributor to the Butterfly Baskets team.

profile pic.jpg

Sherry Hoban

Sherry Hoban is an experienced nonprofit professional and board member for Butterfly Baskets. With her background in compliance, volunteer management, and program direction, Sherry brings valuable insights to the board. She plays an active role in developing the strategic direction of the organization, helps set priorities, and ensures the organization is meeting its goals and objectives. As the Executive Director of the Consumer Bankruptcy Assistance Project (CBAP), a non-profit organization that provides legal assistance and education to low-income individuals facing bankruptcy, Sherry works tirelessly to improve the lives of people affected by poverty in the Philadelphia region. Her experience and commitment make her a valuable asset to the Butterfly Baskets team.

shannon face.jpg

Shannon Curley Sinclair

Shannon Curley Sinclair is proud to serve on the board of Butterfly Baskets. Shannon provides valuable support and direction to help advance the organization's mission. With her strong organizational skills and attention to detail, Shannon plays a crucial role in coordinating events and managing volunteers. Her insights and perspective are highly valued by her fellow board members, and her dedication and commitment to the organization are evident in all that she does. Butterfly Baskets is fortunate to have Shannon on its board.

shannon face.jpg

Megan Rymar

Megan Rymar is an active volunteer and dedicated member of the Butterfly Baskets board. With a passion for community involvement, she has coordinated numerous events with various groups to benefit the organization. Megan's networking skills and commitment to making a positive impact have been invaluable to Butterfly Baskets, helping to raise awareness and support for the cause. Her enthusiasm for giving back is truly inspiring evident in all that she does for Butterfly Baskets.

theresa photo.webp

Theresa Velasquez

Theresa Velasquez is a dedicated and long-standing member of the Butterfly Baskets team. She has been instrumental in the success of the organization, serving as the Chair and Race Director of the Butterfly Baskets Flutter Run and Flutter Run on the Beach. Theresa is a highly respected Board Certified Family Practice Nurse Practitioner, and her passion for helping others is evident through her health coaching practice, Healtheliving. Her expertise and commitment to the community make her an invaluable asset to the Butterfly Baskets mission.

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