Butterfly Baskets was founded in July 2020 by Katie Hill after two baby losses in a year.  After two healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies to their sons, Katie and her husband Jonathan lost a baby girl to miscarriage at 16 weeks.  It was an unexpected and devastating loss.  Katie and Jon found out they were pregnant again a few months later.  Pregnancy after loss is always challenging and Katie struggled with anxiety and fear.  At 16 weeks, Katie and Jon found out that they were having a baby boy!  They also found out that their baby boy was not developing properly and had a life-limiting diagnosis.  Katie and Jon were blessed to have a strong support system of family and friends and to find some amazing resources, like the organizations Be Not Afraid, Joan's Reach, and Three Little Birds.


Katie was also fortunate to have a wonderful medical team, initially through her OB-GYN's office through Main Line Health and later at the Special Delivery Unit at the Childen's Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP).  Their son Isaac Thomas was born sleeping in March 2020 due to a cord accident at 32 weeks.  The care and support Katie and her family received made such a difference in their grief journey.  One of the meaningful items they received was a gift basket, which included a mug and a beautiful journal.  Each time she used the items from the basket, Katie was warmed by the kindness and care of the volunteers who had created it.


In July 2020, Katie was sitting on her deck watching the beautiful butterflies flocking to her butterfly bush, when she felt called to start an organization to help support women and families in her community going through difficult pregnancies and baby loss.  She knew that the range of support available to women varies significantly and wanted to help others going through this heartbreak.  A few days and many conversations with family and friends later, Butterfly Baskets was formed!


We hope to build a community to help women and their families feel a little less lonely in this challenging journey.

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Pregnancy and Baby Loss Support