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We only had Mikenzie for a short time but her memory will live on forever.  In honor of Mikenzie’s 3rd birthday on August 10th, Sean and I set up a fundraiser for Butterfly Baskets, whose mission is dear to our hearts. We greatly appreciate your support and for helping keep Mikenzie's memory alive. 

- Kelly Ginsberg


Butterfly Baskets Mission:

Butterfly Baskets provides comfort, connect, and community to women, partners and families enduring pregnancy challenges and baby loss.  Butterfly Baskets coordinates with local hospitals and OB-GYN offices to provide care packages and baskets with resources and self-care items to individuals and couples who have lost a baby or a pregnancy.


How your donations are used:

Please see below for photos of last year's assembly for Mikenzie's 2nd birthday, as well as photos of the comfort packages and baskets given to parents.  The Butterfly Baskets will contain a card indicating that it has been donated in honor of Mikenzie's 3rd birthday.


Thank you for your support!

How Your Donations Are Used:

Learn more about Butterfly Baskets

Visit our homepage below to learn more!  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Exton, PA and all donations are tax-deductible and go directly towards our mission to provide comfort, connection, and community to those healing from loss.

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