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The Butterfly Spot Ep. 1: Katie Hill, Founder & Exec Director Shares Her Story & How It Inspired BB

Katie shares about her experiences with miscarriage, stillbirth, loneliness, acceptance and healing. She shares about how she found peace and connection through support, community, and creating Butterfly Baskets.

Katie also shares a bit about the purpose of The Butterfly Spot Podcast. This podcast is a place to rest. We will have interviews with professionals and experts on grief, motherhood, health and wellness. We will have conversations with parents in our community who have experienced pregnancy and baby loss. We will also have update episodes sharing about Butterfly Baskets and our programs, services and events.

You can find us on Google Podcasts, Spotify, and iheartradio. We have submitted and hope to be up on Apple Podcasts and all other platforms within the next couple weeks! Please consider subscribing.

If you are interested in sharing your story, please send us an email at to schedule a Zoom call!

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