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5k Everyday All Star: Spotlight on Anne Kauler

This interview originally appeared in our Spring 2021 newsletter. Check it out here.

Butterfly Baskets [BB]: What was your motivation to run?

Anne [AK]: When Katie told me about the 5K run to benefit Butterfly Baskets, I was so excited! I used to run regularly but got away from it after having children. So I figured training for a 5K would be a great way to get back into running. And of course, supporting Butterfly Baskets was very important to me. So it lined up perfectly. As the race got closer, I was getting so excited, telling everyone about it and wearing my shirt all the time while out running and training around my neighborhood.

BB: Why did you do a 5K every day?

AK: I didn't anticipate doing the "5K every day" at the beginning. The morning of 11/6/20, I woke up so excited and it was nice outside and I just put my sneakers on and went out to run. It was a beautiful morning and I was so proud to be wearing the t-shirt and running to benefit this incredible organization. As I was running, I thought about how good I felt and had the idea to challenge myself to do the 5K every day. When I completed the run, I took a selfie, posted it on Facebook, and put it out there that my goal was to do the 5K every day during the fundraiser. I did it quickly before I had a chance to talk myself out of it, and once it was out there, I had to do it! But I was excited and knew I could do it. I posted my journey on Facebook every day to keep me accountable.

BB: Who are your biggest running supporters?

AK: My sisters are all very active and supportive! Specifically Theresa Velasquez. She ran a marathon one time which always amazed and inspired me! She runs all the time and truly seems to love it.

BB: What was your mindset around the 5K every day?

AK: My mind was really focused on Katie and her nonprofit organization. When I had the idea to run the 5K every day, one of my first thoughts was "This is going to be hard...." and then I started doubting that I could do it. Then the excuses started forming in my mind of all the things I had to do and when would I have time to do this every day for 10 days? Thankfully I was able to stop that thought and replace it. I thought about Katie and what she had gone through. When she found out that her baby Isaac had a life-limiting diagnosis, that was incredibly hard. But she carried on and did everything that she could possibly do to be the absolute best mother to Isaac in whatever way she could in however long she had him. I thought about how she did that every day and never gave up, even though she was going through one of the most difficult things I can imagine a person could go through. Whenever my mind started thinking that I couldn't run or that it would be hard, I thought of Katie's strength, and I immediately would stop making excuses and get out there and get it done.

BB: When and why did you start running?

AK: I started running for health and wellness in college, just a couple miles a few days a week. I was never a fast runner but I did it because I knew it was good for me and I wanted to get in shape. Plus I loved running/training with friends for a goal. My friend Eileen Monaghan Ficaro, who also went to Villa Maria, and I ran the Broad Street Run for the first time in 2008. We had a great time! Then I ran it again in 2019 with my sisters Katie and Theresa. It's funny, I definitely don't think of myself as a runner, because I'm not fast or super consistent, but the Butterfly Baskets run really struck a chord with me and inspired me to do the 5K every day.

BB: How long and why have you volunteered with Butterfly Baskets?

AK: Since the start! I'm so proud of Katie and how she was able to turn something so difficult into such a beautiful organization that provides comfort to so many. I love helping and supporting her in any way that I can!

BB: Will you be running in the 2021 Butterfly Baskets 5k?

AK: Yes! I will be running in the 2021 Butterfly Baskets 5k. If you want to join my team, just select "Running with Anne 2021" when you sign up at!

Thank you so much, Anne, for your dedication to this amazing organization and fundraiser. You are an incredible inspiration for all of us. Keep on running!

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