Small Butterfly Comfort Box

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The Butterfly Box is meant to provide comfort and support to a woman who is grieving. It was developed for women grieving the loss of a pregnancy or child, but is appropriate for a woman going through any type of loss or grief.
It includes the following items:
  • Butterfly Bookmark
  • Handmade lavender eye pillow (fabric may vary - please message if you have a color preference)
  • Butterfly bracelet
  • Handmade crochet heart
  • Sympathy card
  • Butterfly gift box

With each box purchased, a Butterfly Baskets Comfort Basket is donated to a women experiencing pregnancy or baby loss in the hospital.
Lavender eye pillow contains organic rice and lavender buds. It can be warmed in the microwave (10 seconds) or cooled in the freezer. Do not get wet.
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